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Financial Calendar of the Netherlands

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Financial agenda next seven days

We are in the beginning of the year 2015, so the season of general annual meetings of shareholders and decisions about dividends is about to come. You may want to keep checking our site for the financial events of AEX, AScX and AMX companies in The Netherlands.

Below as usual the financial events for the next seven days. You can also click here for an overview of the next 30 financial events or here for an overview of companies per index (AEX, AMX, AScX), including links to company specific financial information.

Crypto currency

You probabley heard of Bitcoin, a new payment method, a new type of currency.

Next to Bitcoin there are many more crypto currencies, and one that may hold a new way of paying in the future is Electroneum. For now I started mining Electroneum, and no, I guess I did not earn with that, but Electroneum may be a good investment for the future, as when it takes of it may take a same leap in value as Bitcoin did the last few years.

And I started a page with the highest price of Bitcoin ever.

Financial success

There is more to success than financial success. Read more on Inspiration for Success.

No events found for the next week.

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Investor links

Well, to get this site going we may need some link exchange. You can check our links page for interesting or not so interesting investor links.