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Financial Calendar of the Netherlands

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About Aandelenkalender


The original idea behind the 'aandelenkalender' site arose when the initiator realized that he made mistakes when stocks were traded 'ex-dividend'. He then searched for an overview of ex-dividend dates, but found that such an overview did not exist. The combination of his interest in programming/computers/websites and stocks became the beginning of this website.

Some time ago we dediced to re-invest in this site and make it up-to-date after a quiet period. This means that as of now you can avail of the services of this site, mainly focused on publishing financial dates and financial agenda items. As of the moment we focus on financial agenda events related to The Netherlands, but probably it will be worthwhile to expand this to other countries or even worldwide.

If the event you are looking for is not listed in this site or if you know of dates that are not listed in this site you can send updates to